Difference Between A Tax Agent And An Accountant

Many people have this confusion that is accountants the same as a tax agent and some people even think that the tax agent and an accountant are the same. This is not the case; the tax agent and an accountant differ from each other in all aspects of accounting and taxation. Let us discuss the difference between a tax agent and an accountant;


An accountant is an employee that deals with all the financial affairs of the business. You cannot make the financial decisions of your business without an accountant because he knows better about the financial affair of your business and will aid you in making a decision in a better way. Accountant will advise you on how you should run your business. For example, if he finds you better to be a sole trader then he will suggest you run your business as a sole trader or if he finds you better to run your business as being a limited liability company then he will suggest you do so. He will also advise you on how you should operate your business for further growth and development in a fiscal year. Furthermore, he will advise you about the registrations that you need to do. For instance, lawyer tax return in North Sydney. An accountant will deal with the financial planning that also includes tax planning to get the right results after paying tax or after registering in the General Sales Tax. An accountant will explain to you the consequences that may occur after you implement any decision on your business.

Tax agent:

Tax agent is different from the accountant. Accountant deals with the financial and tax planning whereas a tax agent does something else. He is concerned with the Tax Practitioner Board. He makes an appeal and claims to the tax authorities on behalf of the business owner. Tax agents are connected with the Tax Practitioner Board and own a license to deal with your taxes. An accountant deals with your business’ day to day financial affairs, whereas a tax agent is not your regular employee. Businesses visit a tax agent mostly once a year and gather knowledge about the income tax and sales tax. A tax agent will ask you about all your expenses, income and liability and will tell you the amount that you need to pay as a tax accordingly. Moreover, a tax agent is the representative of one establishment in front of tax authorities.

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