Reasons Why You Need A Strong HR Team

Human resources (HR) are a one of the most important department of a company. They are in-charge of the employees from recruiting them to conducting exit interviews and using the feedback as positive criticism. Though the functioning of all the departments in the company is important for the company to be successful and grow, HR is necessary to facilitate the other departments work peaceful and optimise their working quality. Most people think that HR is present only to hire and fire employers which are adequate in the current context, but in reality HR is liable for the mental and physical health of the employees working under them.

Contributing to the physical health of the employees

You might think that HR can contribute to the physical health of the employees by giving vitamin tablets and giving medical benefits. Unfortunately, it is more than that. HR needs to make sure that working conditions of the employees is good. For example, if the floors are carpeted, then they might have to hire commercial carpet cleaning services at least once every three months. This would make sure that there are no contaminants in the carpet.Your office though you might not think are dirt with the carpeting and sweeping every day, there is a high chance that your carpets are safe haven for bacteria, fungi and other likes of them. It is important to indulge in deep cleaning services because if not the employees are more likely to get sick. However, it should be noted that most of the HR are pretty negligent about keeping the work place safe and comfortable for the employees.

Contributing to the mental health of the employees

It is vital to make sure that the mental health of the employees is taken good care of. This is one of the reasons why most companies hire an organisational psychologist who will also act in the capacity of a counsellor. However, in certain countries mental health is stigmatised too much whereby it is hard to make people even think of mental health without thinking there is something wrong with them. Mental health of employees can be compromised by bad working conditions, unsupportive or toxic work place and so on.If the HR does not look into the needs of the employees, then the chances of them being frustrated are too high which means they will be unsatisfied to work with the company. Most companies with unacceptable company culture or inexistent company culture are more likely to have a higher turnover rate because the employees will be trying to leave the place. See this post to find out more details.